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Tochal ski resort

Tochal ski resort

In 1976 by installing Tochal gondola lift; this opportunity was made to ski in northern mountains of Tehran with the elevation of 3961 meters. It is only located in five kilometers from north of Tehran (Tajrish square).

Tochal was planned to be one of the biggest resort in the world but now there is only one resort in access for athletes and that is the Tochal summit slope. Tochal is a part of Alborz mountain ranges and it is one of the longest resorts in world.

Now seventh station of Tochal gondola lift including two chairlift devices and one teleski is serving the fans. Because of these facilities, you can get to the summit in three different way by chairlift and teleski.

To have access to the resort you have to pass several stations by gondola lift, the first station height is two thousand meters, second station is 2300, fifth station is 3tousand and the 7th one is 3700 meters from the sea and the equipment are prepared at this level for the fans

There are one hotel and two restaurants and a ski school which working every day. Tochal Ski resort has the capability for holding snowboard matches.

Tochal is the world 5th highest resort in the world. Beside that, there is a Hotel Tochal, which is the highest mountain hotel in the world (3545 meters).

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