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Payam (Yam) Ski resort

Payam (Yam) Ski resort

Payam (Yam) Ski resort located at eastern Azerbaijan in Iran. This resort named after the Payam region. In terms of linguistic (Yam) is referred to an ancient name for “mail carrier” in Mongolians language. Payam (Yam) ski resort is located on the hillside of Mishu (Mishodaghi Mountain).

Despite the fact that ski, resorts are located in almost remote areas with not sufficient roads to them but the easy access without any danger of avalanche on the road or etc.

Besides, close distance to Hotel and medical center restaurants and shops are the elements are the elements that Yam ski resort benefits from.Two tele skis each with 400 and 300 meters length and pergolas and convenient hut in the resort are the elements that make Payam (Yam) Ski resort worth skiing.

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