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Khoshako ski resort

Khoshako ski resort

Khoshako ski resort is in Urmia. Urumia in northeast of Iran includes many attractive sites .There has many visitors in spring and summer. But this city has also attractions in winter and that is the Khoshako ski resort. There is one of the best places in Iran to enjoy the winter entertainments. This resort is the only site that is specified to this field in east Azerbaijan. It has fabulous landscapes and attract many adventures to the region.

Urmia is center of west Azerbaijan with height of 1332meter located in west of Urmia lake and Urmia plain. The ski resort is 30 kilometers far from west of Urmia It is placed in snowy razhan region with suitable sloped mountains, blinding landscapes and adequate winter facilities for athletes an adventurers.

This resort is fifty thousand square meters. Because of having appropriate vegetation there can also be used in summer for grass skiing Road to this resort is proper for getting there by car. Working time of the resort is 9-4 am. There you can rent ski options within a reasonable price.

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