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Kakan Ski Resort or Dena Ski resort

Kakan Ski Resort or Dena Ski resort

Kakan ski resort is positioned in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province.

It is in foot land of Zagros mountain ranges, Dena summit with height of 2600 meters in 18 kilometers from Yasuj near to Kakan village. The resort is 600 meters length and 150 meters width.

This resort started its job by installing an elevator in 1994 and then completed its facilities with 3 chairlift devices includes an elevator for beginners and two elevator devices for professionals within 2006.there is a project working on relating Yasuj water fall to Kakan ski resort Within a Gondola.

This site can be used during winter in Iran. There has also a slingshot. Because of the geographical position of this region and being in Dena Mountains. it has amazing landscapes and has snow covered surface for 6 months during year.

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