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Fereydun shahr ski resort

Fereydun shahr ski resort

This resort is located in 180 kilometers from west of Isfahan and 6 kilometers from fereydun shahr and is in foot land of Tasikhe summit and is the highest ski resort in Iran.


This site is the standard resort in Isfahan. It has a steep slope of about 35 degrees between 22 other ski resorts in country.

The basic height of this resort from the sea is 2630 meters and in highest points is 3000 meters. It is recognized as the most complete ski resort in the central plateau of Iran. There is equipped with snow knocker and some other welfare facilities.


There are residences for athletes, the saloon includes heating system, teleski, and specific ski resort for beginners, parking, a plate lifter.it takes people in six minutes to the top of the resort, and it’s for professional ski fan.

From other facilities of this resort, we can mention a teleski with length of 976meters.also teleski lifter, snow knocker, restaurants and coffee shops. Ski equipment are in access of fans by renting.

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