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Darbandsar Ski resort

Darbandsar Ski resort

The newest ski resort in Tehran was installed in 1982 in a region named papa. Darbandsar ski resort located in 60 kilometers from northeast of Tehran in Darbandsar area.

Its lifting devices are two chairlifts, the lowest height of this area from the sea is 2600 meter, and it reaches to 3600meter at its highest point.

Ski season length in this resort is from the middle of December to end of April.

From the considerable points of Darbandsar ski site is having night ski resort that absorb many contacts of this sport to enjoy ski at night. This resort had earned the title of international by ski word federation.

Asia champions alpine ski matches in 2018 was there.

There is also ski schools and centers that rent equipment on the resort. From the equipment that exist on this site, we can name:

A chairlift device with capacity of four people with the length of 1200 meter that is from fence,

A chairlift device with capacity of four people with the length of 800 meter at height of 3750 meters from the sea level.

A chairlift device with capacity of two people with the length of 1110 meter

A chairlift device from Italy with the length of 700 meter.

A Gondola device with the capacity of 12 people with the length of 1830 meters with 57 cabins with capacity of 3000 people in each hour.

A snow maker device with the capability of creating snow in the temperature of 0 degree with length of 1300 meters and width 100 meters and height of 50 centimeters.

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