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Alvand or Tarik dareh ski resort

Alvand or Tarik dareh ski resort

This resort is 10 kilometers far from south west of ganj name road in hamedan on the foot lands of alvand sumit.Tarik dare is the third appropriate ski resort in the country after Dizin and Shemshak. it has started working in 1985.this resort has length of 4 kilometers and 25% sloped. three teleski devices are in access of the athletes.There are food halls, dorms and some other facilities.

The height of this region is 2450 meters and it goes up to 3000 meters.it is one of the closest resorts to the city in the country.it has also grass resort in summer.and in iran people can enjoy the site from autumn to first month of spring.

The nearest summit has 3400meters height.there has snowy inters and moderated winters

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