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Abali Ski resort

Abali Ski resort

Abali ski resort is the oldest ski resort in Iran. It located in Abali County and near Haraz road.

Due to proper location and skiing. Because of the smoothness of foot, lands in this area snow in this region melted later than summits around it. The date of installation of lifters in this resort backs to 1953, although before that skiing were common there. The highest zone of this resort is 2650 meter from the sea.

Abali ski resort includes five slopes, three of them are held in private, one of them belongs to physical education organization and the other one is under observation of national Iranian Oil Company.

Each of these resorts contain different facilities and lifters. All of them have plate chairlift.

The private resort of Oil Company has also gondola. This resort has other amusements like tennis court, kite riding and horse riding.

There are stores of ski equipment, a hotel and six restaurants. The resort is operating all the days of the week during the Ski season.

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