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Iran Skimo

Iran Skimo does his utmost to meet ski mountaineers and ski lovers need. Experience your travel and ski holiday in the bizarre and unique ski resorts in Iran.

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Iran Skimo is formed by the best Ski mountaineers and mount climbers in Iran. We are providing the unlimited ski trips in different categories for ski lovers. You can have the categorized trips presented for all kinds of taste, age and skill.

You are interested in Skiing holidays on the resorts, or adventure and conquer the leveled mountains and remote areas! We assist you to spend your ski holiday with friends and family.

Iran Skimo

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Ski season in Iran starts from November and lasts to end of May. We celebrate the ski season by our special offers in most worth skiing resorts of Iran. In IranSkimo.com, you can find the best locations for Skiing and ski mountaineering in Iran.

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